Sunday, October 3, 2010

Terps vs Duke: Aloha Weave!

Saturday was a great day for football and tailgating.  It was the first Saturday that the weather felt like football season.  Much better than the 90's from last week.  I guess that the Maryland Terps also liked that weather because they won!!  They are now 4-1 and 1-0 in the ACC with Saturday's victory over Duke.  I know I should be excited but the 4 teams that Maryland has beaten this season have a combined record of 4-13.  I am afraid that O'Brien hasn't seen the toughest opponents yet!

The best part of the season has been the tailgating.  Good weather, good friends, good food and... Bacon Weaving!  The Maryland Terrapins are 4-0 when I have attempted a bacon weave for a tailgate.  After much grief about the botched weave last week, I knew I had to make a strong comeback.  I figured that I would go a bit healthier this week.

Introducing the "Aloha Weave".  As always, you must first weave the bacon.  While the bacon was grilling, I cored a pineapple and then lightly grilled the it.  Note: the beer can.  I am not a scientist, but this bacon weaving tailgate thing only seems to work when I have a beer in my hand.  After grilling, I smothered the bacon weave with brown sugar, stuffed the pineapple with bacon and then rolled into the bacon weave.  Voila!  Aloha Weave.  And yes it was a good as it looks! Enjoy the pictures below.
Pineapple and Beer
First, Weave the Bacon..

I wish this was scratch and sniff

Brown Sugar

Aloha Weave!
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PS-  It was nice to the students and fans to show up this week.  The upper deck wasn't sold out, but that isn't much of a shock against Duke.  The lower bowl was full and the fans were loud!  We will need that at the end of the month against Wake.


  1. Your weave is getting better. Never thought I would say that.

  2. I bet the Aloha Weave was DEEEEElicious!